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What we require from our customers

  • valid ID card, foreigners valid passport
  • valid driving licence
  • warranty of 5000 CZK in cash + rental fee in accordance with the price list for the period of rental agreed, minimally the total of 10000 CZK
  • minimal age of the renter is limited only by holding of a valid driving licence

Renting regulations

Rent a car is obliged to hand over the vehicle to the customer in a condition fit for a proper use, equipped according to operating regulations, clean and fully filled up with fuel. At the same time the customer is handed over a certificate of immatriculation, documents showing its damage liability insurance and the card CEBIA (in case the vehicle is protected by the securite code CEBIA) – it is strictly forbidden to leave these documents in a set away vehicle.

Rent a car pays for a legitimate damage liability insurance.

The vehicle of the Rent a car is hull insured for the whole area of Europe with a participation of a renter of 5000 CZK. In case the vehicle is stolen, the participation of a renter is 5 % of the price of the vehicle. At the time of the liquidation of the insurance event, the customer pays all the participance. The insurance does not apply to a damage caused by driving of a person who is not a holder of the driving licence required, further the insurance does not apply to damages that are caused due to driving impaired or intoxicated. All these damages are to be paid fully by customer him/herself. Every accident, damage or stealth of a vehicle must be immediately reported to Czech police and Rent a car. If this requirement is not met, the insurance company will claim the customer.

The customer is obliged to return the vehicle at the hour and day agreed. In case of violation, the Rent a car will charge following fees: delay of 60 - 120 min. extra 10 % of daily rate, delay up to 4 hours extra 25 % of daily rate, delay up to 8 hours extra 50 % of daily rate, delay up to 24 hours extra 75 % of daily rate, delay above 24 hours extra 100 % of daily rate. If excessing the collecting time by more than 48 hours, this fact will be promptly reported to police as an unauthorized use of a thing.

When the contract is denounced untimely from a part of the customer, the Rent a car will charge an extra pay of 20 % of total price of the period previously agreed joined on the price for actual rental time. In case the customer cancels a contract with a monthly fixed tariff untimely, he/she will be charged a daily rate for each date started as stated in the contract.

The customer is fully responsible for all the damage caused on a vehicle. It concerns predominantly improper dealing with an engine, gearbox, windscreen wipers, interior equipment, general equipment of the vehicle and overloading of the vehicle.

The customer is obliged to return the vehicle fully filled up with fuel and as clean as it had been delivered to him/her. Otherwise the customer will be charged the price of the petrol missing and the fee of 150 CZK for car wash and cleaning. If the vehicle is equipped with an extra security mechanism, the customer is obliged to use it any time he/she leaves the vehicle together with a regular locking mechanism.

The customer is especially obliged to check regularly the condition and temperature of engine water, condition of engine lube oil, condition of the brake fluid and prescribed inflation of tyres. The customer is obliged to use exclusily the fuels, lubricants, fluids and water prescribed by the producer of the vehicle.

The customer should try to do the minor servicing of the car him/herself, such as changing of the bulb, fuse etc. After inspecting the necessity of such an repair the Rent a car will cash the receipts for small repairs and material up to the total of 500 CZK. When a more serious problem arises, the customer must promptly contact the Rent a car.

Damage on the wheels, such as cut offs, punctured tyres and deformed feloes will be paid by the customer him/herself.

The customer must not: let other person drive than the one named in the rental contract (if not agreed differently in the contract), further on must not in any non-profesional and prohibited way alter and intermeddle with the body shell of the vehicle, its functional parts and equipment, to overload it and alter the interior of the vehicle (by means of stickers, colour, signs, wall paper etc.). If the customer violates this regulation, he/she will meet the necessary costs of reinstating. The customer also must not participate with the rented vehicle in any competition rides or any races, neither use the car for any practice purposes. Next he/she must not further equip (without a consent of the Rent a car) the vehicle with their own accessories such as car radio, aerial, hitch, fog lights etc. and further rent the vehicle owned by the Rent a car to other people.

The Rent a car is entitled: If the regulations are violated significantly and repeatedly to back out from the concluded contract of renting the car and charge the customer in accordance with the cost of the potential damage without returning the deposit, in case the whole car or its part was knowingly or by fault of the customer him/herself damaged, lost or stolen to stake the claim upon the customer, if such a case is not covered by an insurance company. Similarly to stake a claim if the car was not brought for the regular maintanance, if it was damaged or if the interior of the car was made dirty excessively, and to charge a fee in accordance with the necessary expenses for reconstruction if any of the handed over documents were damaged or lost.

The person who has signed the rental contract is fully responsible for the vehicle.

Contractual penalty is: 1% of the owing rental fee in accordance with the concluded rental contract, 1% of the owing sum defined in the subparagraphes 3.,4.,5.,6.,7. and 12. of the Renting regulations for each day of delay till the payment of the owed sum.

Smoking is prohibited in vehicles. In the event of a breach of the ban, a cleaning fee of CZK 2000,- Kč may be charged.