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For companies

Operative leasing – general administration of the fleet of the company

We can offer you individually an advantageous rental for the companies; please contact us via phone or e-mail.

Operative leasing is a product for businessmen and companies. It is a solution for a complex administration and servicing of the fleet. Thanks to operative leasing the company or the businessman can regularly update the fleet without using his/her own funds and without burdening company budget with excessive passives. Contrary to a financial leasing the particular item remains after termination of regular time of the rental a property of the letter (Rent a car). All the risks related to ownership, operating and damage, destruction or loss of an item assumes the Rent a car company.

We offer our customerss an arrangement of all the service concerning operating and administration of a company fleet (guidance within a choice of the vehicle, purchase of the vehicle incl. the reduction in price, registration marks, full insurance, maintanance, exchange and storage of winter and summer tyres, road assistance, replacement vehicle, ....).

  • external way of financing, administration and maintanance of the company fleet, saving of administrative and personal expenses
  • individual offer of the leasing according to the wishes and requirements of the customer (flexible time of the rental from 6 months up)
  • choice of a suitable vehicle and its supplier inclusive a potential extra-special reduction of a price in price list, delivery of a vehicle in accordance with the needs of the customer
  • lending of a replacement car till the moment of a delivery of the car ordered
  • settling of all formalities connected with the registration of the vehicle (obtaining of registration marks)
  • declaration and payments of a road tax, car radio fee, motorway label
  • provision of a complex insurance, handling and settlements of collision claims (damage liability, motor hull insurance, green card)
  • all maintanance and mending of the vehicle, exchange and storage of summer and winter tyres, incl. an inspection of all servicing done (lending of a replacement car is a matter of course)
  • assistence service, provision of constant mobility of the client by means of a replacement car, if needed within 24hours at any place in the Czech Republic
  • after termination of the leasing a possibility of prolonging the contract and purchase of a new vehicle
  • instalment payment is tax acknowledged expense, we guarantee the same level of payment during all the operating period – the renter pays regular fixed monthly instalments regardless inflation or extraordinary servicing costs
  • the item of the leasing is not handled as a property of the renter – possibility of other use of the funds
  • potential advertisement on the body of vehicles